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Welcome to Muller Martini
Connex Data and Process Management System: New Connex Modules for VDP Printing: VariableProduction, VariableImposition and VariableBundle
At Hunkeler Innovationdays 2015, Muller Martini will once again show that it is a global technology leader in the field of automated production workflow in digital printing. The Connex and SigmaLine slogan “PDF in – book out” now also applies to variable data.

Personalized print products are highly valued by many marketing and advertising professionals. They not only allow you to address each customer personally but also convey customized messages in a highly targeted way.

In addition to producing in batches, companies can now also produce personalized short and ultra-short runs using the SigmaLine thanks to the VDP modules.

Personalized Products
VDP (variable data printing) production runs can now also be processed using the regular Muller Martini's SigmaLine. The new developed modules will seamless integrate into the complete digital book production solution. Companies that currently produce predominantly in batches will now also be able to produce short and ultra-short runs, with the same high quality of page assembly and print finishing.

Integrated with Connex
The VariableProduction, VariableImposition and VariableBundle modules are fully integrated with the proven Connex data and process management system from Muller Martini. With the additional functions for variable data printing, Connex can be used as specialized VDP printing software to process both static and variable data. Starting point is the optimized printing data in PDF/VT (variable transactional) format file. Connex takes care of the optimal folding scheme, the preparation of the production data and the optimal production type.

Familiar Operator Interface
With Connex, both traditional and variable printing data can be processed via the same operating interface. Like in batch production for VDP production the number of blank pages, the number of signatures required and the utilization rate are displayed, for example. The operator controls the production process through to pre-press (with VariableImposition) directly on the screen and has no need to learn how to a use a new system.

Added Value for Readers
Variable data printing means far more than just printing the name of the customer on the product. Instead, what is really important is to know the customer and their preferences and needs. If a keen football fan is sent an individually designed mailshot featuring the image of a football player, he or she will feel that the advertisement speaks to them and will be far more receptive to the information. If, by contrast, a tennis player is featured, the same reader will be much less interested. The response rates of marketing campaigns featuring individually designed print products are therefore significantly higher than the rates of conventional campaigns. The ROI (return on investment) of such campaigns can be massively increased depending on the content and relevance of the variable printing.


The New Connex Modules
for Variable Data
The Variable-Production module enables variable products to be processed using the SigmaLine. Products with different content and even a different page count can be produced in one production run. The signatures are tracked using barcodes, and Connex monitors the production process, including feedback to a high-level production system.
Variable-Imposition: Digital Page Assembly With the Variable-Imposition module, which builds on the previous module, both normal PDF data and PDF/VT data for variable printing can be printed and imposed using Connex. A production series is extracted from the VT data and blank pages are automatically inserted depending on the folding scheme selected. Intelligent barcodes are placed on every signature during the digital page assembly. The finished PDF signatures are then transferred straight to the printing press, and the printing process is managed accordingly. Connex also tracks the products here, and provides the possibility of reproducing rejected products automatically following the production run.
Variable-Bundle: Unique Worldwide In addition to the Variable-Production and Variable-Imposition modules, the Variable-Bundle module pre-bundles books selectively in the SigmaCollator. Using a run list, the collator collates a varying number of books and delivers them together. With this function, which is unique worldwide, all the books of a student can be produced and collated, for example. Subsequent time-consuming sorting of the products by hand is no longer necessary.


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