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Welcome to Muller Martini
The brand-new Granit three-knife trimmer from Muller Martini is the ideal investment to speed up softcover production.
More and more graphic arts businesses are using both offset and digital printing, which is why Muller Martini manufactures print finishing systems that are digital ready, i.e. designed for both printing modes.

Muller Martini has observed a clear trend of its customers making increasing use of digital printing technology, and, in particular, a combination of offset and digital. Since drupa 2012, all newly developed machines from Muller Martini are digital ready. In other words, all systems – saddle stitchers, perfect binders and hardcover systems alike – are prepared for retrofitting with components for the processing of digitally printed products. In each case, the whole line, from start to finish, is designed for the processing of customized products.

All new saddle stitchers (the Presto II Digital is pictured), perfect binders and booklines from Muller Martini are digital ready, i.e. designed for both printing modes.

In addition to the increasing importance of digital printing, another important market trend can be observed: many graphic arts businesses have a higher number of jobs, but steadily declining runs. That is why maximum variability and flexibility are crucial for enhancing print finishing systems, with the focus being on quick changeovers from one job to the next. Electronic calculation tools and setup wizards should provide as much support to the operator as possible, making consistent use of the possibilities of a high degree of automation and intelligent control of aggregates. The large number of jobs and short runs mean that reduction in setup waste is especially important. The very first copy needs to be salable, especially when it comes to digital printing and customized production. That is why Muller Martini’s enhancements focus on maximum reduction of production waste.

The brand-new Granit three-knife trimmer from Muller Martini is the ideal investment to speed up softcover production.

Great potential for shorter job changeover times lies in fully automated lines, consisting of various sub-aggregates, that ideally are networked by means of a digital workflow. Three-knife trimmers often slow down the production processes in perfect binding, but the brand-new Granit from Muller Martini shows that does not have to be the case. The fully automated three-knife trimmer provides consistently outstanding trim quality thanks to its innovative SmartPress technology. Its good price-performance ratio also makes it the ideal investment for the Pantera, the Alegro 6, older Muller Martini models such as the Acoro and the Monostar, perfect binders from other manufacturers, or for bookbinders wanting to switch from a guillotine cutter to a three-knife trimmer.

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The brand-new Granit three-knife trimmer from Muller Martini is the ideal invest...
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