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Welcome to Muller Martini
Concepta, Alprinta, Alprinta V, VSOP: Muller Martini’s Four Trump Cards for Web Offset
Web offset enables diverse inline procedures, such as offset towers, flexo and rotogravure printing unit, screen printing unit, perforation with die-cutting and punching, delivery for roll, signature and fold, cross cutting and folding modules, register control, video belt monitoring, and UV drying. The Concepta, Alprinta, Alprinta V and VSOP web printing presses from Muller Martini combine all these complex processes inline with maximum printing quality and a high degree of availability, creating new market opportunities for graphic arts businesses.

Concepta – Short Setup Times and Minimal Production Waste

Run sizes are falling, while customers’ quality requirements are increasing. In order to also produce smaller jobs cost-effectively, printing plants need a machine design with diverse options and state-of-the-art control technology. The Concepta boasts intelligent software enabling short setup times and little production waste.

Concepta – short set up times and minimal production waste.

Thanks to its modular design – enabling up to twelve offset towers and the integration of flexo screen printing and digital printing – the Concepta enables tailored solutions. The printing press offers almost unlimited possibilities thanks to insert changes not requiring the use of any tool and the integration of special aggregates in inline finishing.

  • Application: Pharmaceutical, security, forms, mail shots, and commercial work
  • Technical Specifications: Belt width 520 mm, print size 14–28 1/3 inches
  • Delivery: Roll/signature, roll/fold, roll/roll
  • Highlight: Unbeatable price-performance ratio – the front runner on the web offset market!

Alprinta – When Quality and Productivity are Important

Printed materials are increasingly sophisticated and customized. Printing plants need to use modern and flexible equipment to stand out. The Alprinta is designed for high-quality commercial work and mail shots, as well as security printed materials and packing slips. It offers a tailored solution for every printing plant.

Alprinta – when quality and productivity are important. 

When it comes to challenging job structures, the Alprinta has a great advantage: depending on the needs of the given market, either conventional or infinitely variable inserts can be used. Conventional printing inserts are changed extremely quickly using a track system, enabling low investment costs and quick changeovers.

  • Application: Pharmaceutical, security, forms, mail shots, and commercial work
  • Technical Specifications: 520 and 740 mm, print size 17–40 and 20–40 inches
  • Delivery: Roll/signature, roll/fold, roll/roll
  • Highlight: Servo drive printing press

Alprinta V – Quick and Simple Printing Plate Manufacture

The infinitely variable Alprinta V is the ideal web printing press for all types of labels and for entering the flexible packaging market. The key benefit is that almost any printing length desired can be produced. There is no need to exchange the entire printing insert when changing the size; only the handy VOI cylinder needs to be replaced on the servo drive printing press. Thanks to the optimized ink fountain, developed for high-quality commercial printing, maximum printing quality of even the most challenging products is ensured.

 Alprinta V – quick and simple printing plate manufacture.

The quick and simple printing plate manufacture and short setup times of the Alprinta V provide for a high degree of job flexibility. The offset printing process, which is ideally suited to fine details and screen processes, ensures high printing quality. Printing plate costs in offset are low, costing just as fraction of what they cost for pure flexo and rotogravure printing.

  • Application: Label Printing and Package Printing
  • Technical Specifications: Belt width 520 and 740 mm (20½ and 29 1/8 inches), print size 508–720 mm (20–28 1/3 inches).
  • Delivery: Roll/roll, roll/signature, roll/fold
  • Highlight: Low-cost size parts, since individual cylinders are less expensive than print inserts


VSOP – Infinitely Variable Printing

VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) is used for label printing and flexible package printing. Thanks to sleeve technology, print sizes can be changed easily without having to exchange all the inserts. The process is not only quick and simple, but also cost-effective for frequently changing print lengths.

 VSOP – infinitely variable printing.

On the flexible packaging and labels market, runs are falling and there is demand for a very wide range of print sizes. The infinitely variable VSOP featuring sleeve technology, which translates to low size costs, is a flexible and impressive solution.

  • Application: Label Printing and Package Printing
  • Technical Specifications: Belt width 520 and 850 mm (20½ and 33½ inches), print size 381–762 mm (15–30 inches).
  • Delivery: Roll/roll
  • Highlight: Quick size changes with low-cost sleeves
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