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Welcome to Muller Martini
Data and Process Management in Newspaper and Mail Shot Production: Connex.Mailroom Brings Transparency to the Mailroom
With its Connex.Mailroom data and process management system, Muller Martini provides the basis for smooth production and renders the mailroom process transparent and comprehensible. The new Connex.Mailroom impresses with its speed, data integrity and high degree of scalability.

Muller Martini offers two leading software systems for greater transparency and cost-effectiveness in the production process: Mailroom Production Control (MPC) and the new Connex.Mailroom. Connex.Mailroom, which is built on a future-proof platform, will progressively replace MPC, which has been used hitherto. Connex.Mailroom can be adapted at any time to meet the given mailroom circumstances, and readily enables the implementation of future developments.

Connex.Mailroom has a flexible modular design, allowing customers to choose the module from the product range that suits their configuration. Connex.Mailroom is equally suitable for use in newspaper mailrooms and for mail shots. The processing of highly complex large jobs with subdivision into hundreds of small jobs is a daily challenge. Fine-grained data can be imported within seconds using Connex.Mailroom and checked for completeness and quality during import.

Production Control Center of the Mailroom
Connex.Mailroom lies at the heart of production in the mailroom. The core of the data and process management system is the DispoControl module, which receives sales data with route, subscribers and distribution data from the upstream system, prepares the data for production and visualizes the whole production planning. All the processes involved are synchronized, monitored and controlled in the LineControl module, which enables highly efficient production.

Muller Martini's Connex.Mailroom data and process management system provides the basis for smooth production and renders the mailroom process transparent and comprehensible.

Intuitive User Interface and Extensive User Navigation
Connex.Mailroom stands out in particular for its intuitive and quick-to-learn user interface. Information is presented clearly and according to the requirements of the given user, with flexible filters and shortcuts aiding the editing and optimization of the database.

The integrated help system and extensive user navigation (hint management) provide users with valuable support in their day-to-day work. The Connex.Mailroom user communication ranges from simple hints as to what should be entered in a particular field, through the retrieval of selection suggestions, to specific instructions for corrective action, such as if production cannot yet get underway.

Production Supervision and Evaluation
Especially in times when margins are measured in fractions of a percent, management by numbers is particularly important for graphic arts companies. Precise knowledge of the value added of the mailroom and cost control are essential. The information that is automatically gathered during production by Connex.Mailroom provides the basis for optimizing the production process. It is also geared to management by numbers.

The reliable, real-time production data can be used both for technical production analysis and, via a connected management information system (MIS), for business analysis such as subsequent calculations.

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