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Welcome to Muller Martini
The FlexLiner Inserting System is the Answer to the Minimum Wage
Since the automated finishing of insert sets is more cost-effective than manual sorting, Fr. Ant. Niedermayr in Regensburg (Germany) is set to install a Muller Martini FlexLiner inserting system.

The family-run business has invested over EUR 50 million in the expansion of its production site and in new machines in the past eight years. As part of its strategy to continue to grow in the print finishing segment, the long-established company, which was founded 214 years ago, will also commission a FlexLiner inserting system with a gluing unit, a Robusto compensating stacker with blocking and strapping, featuring an integrated top-sheet unit, and the Connex.Mailroom control system in a further expansion stage in March 2016. In the past, Niedermayr had its insert sets finished manually by external service providers. Managing Partner Johannes Helmberger explains that the company opted for the more cost-effective, automated solution not least because of the minimum wage issue in Germany. Not only can the inserts be sorted faster and with improved quality in house, but Niedermayr also saves on logistics costs.

Johannes Helmberger (left), Managing Partner of Fr. Ant. Niedermayr in Regensburg: “Muller Martini made several modifications to the FlexLiner specifically to suit our needs.” Center: Michael Kretschmann (Print Finishing Manager). Right: Frank Skorna (Area Sales Manager at Muller Martini Germany).

Niedermayr is one of the major German insert printing plants. It prints up to 360 tons of paper on peak days using three web printing presses and a sheet-fed printing press. Alongside brochures and catalogs, Niedermayr chiefly prints inserts in A4 and A3 format for brick-and-mortar retail. Those are sorted into insert-in-insert sets according to increasingly fine micro-marketing data, with one of the products serving as the carrier.

The web-printed products, which often feature registers and die-cutting, are highly complex. That was one of the main reasons for opting for the FlexLiner inserting system, explains Johannes Helmberger. “Muller Martini made several modifications to the FlexLiner, such as to the transport system and the sophisticated control system, specifically to suit our needs.” The FlexLiner is the first inserting system at the high-volume printing plant in Regensburg, where a Muller Martini Primera 160 saddle stitcher has also been in operation since summer 2014.

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The FlexLiner Inserting System is the Answer to the Minimum Wage
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