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Welcome to Muller Martini
drupa 2016: Muller Martini Showcases Finishing 4.0
Innovative solutions for digital and offset printing of short and long runs are in demand in print finishing. With Finishing 4.0, Muller Martini will underline the major importance of intelligent connectivity and an end-to-end touchless workflow, at drupa 2016.

In industrial production, Industry 4.0 – also known as the Internet of Things – stands for the flexible adaptation of products (right down to a lot size of 1) under conditions of highly automated (large-scale) production, which puts it permanently on the agenda of book and magazine producers. When experts therefore state that the economy of the future will revolve around digital networking and constant exchange of information, Bruno Müller, CEO of Muller Martini, notes: “That future got underway a long time ago in the graphic arts industry, and our solutions have long been leading the way. Müller Martini stands for Finishing 4.0 - the intelligent connectivity of our machines allows highest variability and flexibility in regards to print run lengths, format sizes and content. We are looking forward to share this view with our visitors at drupa 2016.”

Muller Martini stands for Finishing 4.0 and will prove that at drupa 2016, in Hall 2 booth A 49.

Finishing 4.0 means innovative solutions in the finishing of digital and offset printed products, smart automation and connectivity, maximum variability and flexibility of run sizes, sizes and content, and an end-to-end touchless workflow. At Muller Martini, drupa visitors will see for themselves how they can produce both long and ultra-short runs cost-effectively under industrial conditions and introduce new business models thanks to highly automated print finishing.


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drupa 2016: Muller Martini Showcases Finishing 4.0
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drupa 2016
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