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Ventura MC

The Ventura MC thread sewing machine is available in two performance versions – 160 and 200 cycles per minute. The Ventura MC 160 is optimally suited to companies that are entering the thread sewing segment. Its “big sister”, the Ventura MC 200, boasts an even higher production output.
The Ventura MC lends itself to the processing of all signature types, and its numerous options enable an extremely wide range of production runs. Simple or combined stitching, automatic adjustment of thread tension, and an active separating device ensure optimal quality.
The highest level of automation along with the MC technology and innovative control systems allow for a production method in which many stations of the thread sewing machine can automatically adapt to new sizes. Ultra-short runs are therefore produced industrially and cost-effectively.


The Advantages at a Glance

  • Intelligent servo technology enables extremely quick changeovers and maximum quality
  • Stitch type changes at the touch of a button
  • Smart Tension: variable thread tension within a book block
  • Active thread divider system for extremely short thread ends and maximum quality
  • The book blocks retain their compact form thanks to thread sealing (optional)
  • Highly efficient production without a blind stitch