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HD 143.D Three-Knife Trimmer

Thanks to the dynamic adjustment axes on the upper drum roller, pressing pad and output clamp, the HD 143.D continuously adjusts to various product thicknesses without the need for changeovers. With a capacity of up to 4,200 cuts per hour or 2,700 individual products per hour, the HD 143.D is the ideal downstream machine for a Bookjet® KM 200 perfect binder. It can also be used as a standalone machine.

Different Product Thicknesses Are Possible

The HD 143.D three-knife trimmer can process products with thickness variations of up to 6 mm per cycle. A laser sensor identifies thickness differences, while a camera is used for barcode recognition and product monitoring. The pressing pad in the trimmer tool adjusts to the thickness of the product being trimmed. The trimmed products are gently picked up by the clamp and removed.


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