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A Pioneer Shows Renewed Pioneer Spirit


Swiss photobook pioneer Bubu AG produces hardcover book blocks industrially in runs of one with its new VBA/Vareo/InfiniTrim solution from Muller Martini – a world premiere.

Bubu, which is located in Mönchaltorf (canton of Zurich), was the first Swiss company to bring design software for photobooks to market when it did so back in 2004. Its Bookfactory is now the leading provider of photobooks in Switzerland. The company entered promising new territory this year when it conducted a field test with its new binding system comprised of a VBA endsheet feeder, Vareo perfect binder and InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer. “This means lower staff and unit costs as well as shorter delivery times,” says CEO Thomas Freitag, noting the significant advantages of the new solution.  

Bubu is the world’s first graphic arts company to rely on the new VBA/Vareo/InfiniTrim integrated inline system from Muller Martini.

Many years of good experience with Muller Martini and its machines made the decision easier for the company when it was evaluating its options. “This machine is like a chameleon,” says CTO Raphael Kacimi. “It’s barcode-controlled, highly reliable and, thanks to its flexibility and broad range of formats, it allows us to produce a wide variety of creative book formats.” Bubu is therefore now better able to master the biggest challenge when producing photobooks – variable product thicknesses and automated pre-gluing of endsheets along with very short setup times. 
Thanks to the VBA from Muller Martini, we can reduce costs by lowering staff and unit costs as well as we have shorter delivery times
says CEO Thomas Freitag

The fact that the equipment worked well from the start was due in part to the valuable experience that Bubu has gained from working with the Collibri endsheet feeder for many years. But for Raphael Kacimi, the highlight of the new integrated inline system is not the endsheet feeder, but rather the InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer: “I’m thrilled with its high trim quality and the fact that it doesn’t need any setup time – the InfiniTrim represents a quantum leap in three-knife trimmer technology.” 

Last but not least, at the end of the process is the high quality of the end products that Bubu AG achieves with the VBA/Vareo/InfiniTrim system, which the company uses for digitally and offset printed products

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