02.04.2019 / Roland Gautschi

Spare Parts: Do you also Rely on High Quality?

What can the Muller Martini Spare Parts Service Center (ESC) do that others can’t?
In addition to our distribution centers in Asia and North and South America, which have large stocks of spare parts, our central warehouses located at our headquarters in Zofingen (Switzerland) also have supplies of high-quality original Muller Martini spare parts that meet strict quality and testing requirements. The smallest part, a rubber seal ring, is as light as 1 gram. The largest part, a steel cast component, weighs in at around 100 kilograms.

“The provision of spare parts assists our customers and ensures the trouble-free operation of their machines,” says Roland Gautschi, Manager of the ESC. “Optimal life cycle management, involving regular maintenance and original spare parts and wear parts, ensures that each system remains as good as new for years to come.”

Thanks to its central warehouse and distribution centers, which are available around the clock through the spare parts department, Muller Martini ensures high availability. Customers can choose between standard delivery and express delivery, including delivery during the night and at the weekend. Muller Martini works together with several major logistics partners to ensure that the spare parts are delivered on time. Over 90 percent of the ordered spare parts are dispatched on the same day.

Which spare parts are available at Muller Martini?

Muller Martini, which has an extensive machine range and thousands of installed systems worldwide, has relevant spare parts in stock in all fields of print finishing, for both old-timers such as a 30-year-old 335 saddle stitcher, and for state-of-the art systems like the latest Vareo perfect binder. In addition, customers can also order spare parts from Muller Martini for saddle stitchers and perfect binders made by Kolbus, Heidelberg and some equipment produced by partner companies, such as MBO, Rima, Sitma and Solema.
Only original spare parts provide genuine Muller Martini quality.
Roland Gautschi, Manager of Muller Martini’s Spare Parts Service Center
Why is it always best to choose original spare parts?
Roland Gautschi estimates that more than 80 percent of all Muller Martini customers put their trust in original spare parts. “Only original spare parts provide genuine Muller Martini quality,” notes the Manager of the Spare Parts Service Center. “Original parts provide important advantages for our customers. For example, with us they can get all of their spare parts from a single source, and the parts fit instantly. And more importantly, the quality of our spare parts is as high as the quality of our new machines.”

Car manufacturers often warn customers about problems with spare parts that are made by someone other than the manufacturer of the car. The same caution is required with high-quality finishing machines. This is because spare parts that are not from the original manufacturer have a generic design to ensure that they fit all types of machines. The rule here is:

The more generic the spare part, the greater the risk of a machine failure.

Conveyor belts are a good example of this. Original conveyor belts are made of materials that reduce the stress that is placed on the belts. By contrast, third-party conveyor belts that are not made of a comparable material, can cause slippage and production errors that cost time. Although these belts may cost slightly more, in the end the costs of downtime and the loss of productivity is much higher.

Because original manufacturer spare parts have been produced to work with the machine, they are designed not only for optimal performance but also to ensure that they work seamlessly with the machine’s other parts. A third-party spare part cannot guarantee the synchronization of all of the machine’s components, and it may even affect the performance of the other components, which can lead to serious damage to the machine.

Even greater caution is required with electronic components. This is because nowadays machines usually use highly developed programmable logic controllers (PLC) in order to automate electromechanical processes. Only original spare parts have the customer-specific software functions that will continue to ensure the machine’s performance. So think twice before buying a third-party spare part that is supposedly identical to the original.
There are many more reasons to choose original spare parts:
  • Original spare parts have higher quality and last longer.
  • Less wear: Although original spare parts are more expensive in the short term, the machine will work better over the long term.
  • If you buy spare parts from a third-party supplier, you risk voiding the warranty for your machine.
  • Machine manufacturers constantly aim to ensure that their machines work optimally and in line with the latest standards. That is why they offer replacement guidelines and upgrade kits. By contrast, a third-party supplier has no interest in the future of your machine or your company.
Muller Martini offers you the following advantages:
  • High-quality Muller Martini original spare parts have a warranty
  • A global logistics network
  • Quick supply of spare parts for the whole product range
  • Equipment-specific spare parts
  • Comprehensive conversion and retrofitting guidelines
  • Qualified repair service
  • Professional interaction with our local service


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Roland Gautschi
Manager of Muller Martini’s Spare Parts Service Center