Innovative Primera Digital Saddle Stitching Solution at DS Graphics in the USA

Customized Travel Brochures with Runs of 1 are Produced Fully Automatically

DS Graphics in Lowell in the US state of Massachusetts specializes in customized, digitally printed travel brochures with runs of 1.  A few weeks ago the company shifted from manual production to use of a new Primera Digital saddle stitcher equipped with a flat pile feeder.  A barcode system developed by Muller Martini that also handles routed distribution enables efficient production.

Have you also wanted a personal holiday brochure containing your favorite destinations? A leading supplier in the USA of small-group package holidays provides just that for its North American customers, who love travelling to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. Preferred travel destinations can be entered on the website. Those who are keen to visit the Slavic countries by the Adriatic, for instance, receive a catalog about Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, while those who prefer Australia can learn more about Sydney, the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef. Every travel brochure is a customized, unique “My Catalog”, enabling the supplier to communicate even more effectively with its customers. 

Customer-Specific Configuration

Until April the distribution of the brochures that are printed using a digital sheet-fed press was performed manually, which was highly resource-intensive. However, a few weeks ago DS Graphics switched not only to producing the brochures fully automatically, but also to preparing them for distribution in the same manner. DS Graphics, which specializes in digital strategies and integrated marketing solutions, specially commissioned a Primera Digital saddle stitcher for that purpose. The saddle stitcher is equipped with a flat pile feeder, a pocket folding unit and an MBO processing folder and was configured by Muller Martini to suit the company’s needs. 

DS Graphics produces the travel brochures, which have the address of the recipient on the back page, at staggered intervals in a bundle, rather than daily. The Asir 3 barcode system not only simplifies production and ensures the cover and content match (variable data production), but also provides for the routed preparation of the bundles in the compensating stacker (variable bundle production). The barcode that is printed on every signature and cover contains a product ID (which defines the job), a copy ID (which ensures the correct sequence of the signatures) and a bundle ID (for stacking). DS Graphics delivers the customized products, which have been optimally sorted by the various mailing routes, on pallets to customers.

Hybrid Solution for Digital and Offset

Thanks to this Primera Digital solution that was previously only available for the Presto II Digital saddle stitcher and has been installed as a world premiere by Muller Martini, DS graphics can also produce products with runs of 1 efficiently and with a massive time saving compared to the previous manual solution. The Primera Digital, which is equipped with six flat pile feeders, the new 0507 cover feeder and the Robusto compensating stacker, is also a hybrid solution that can be used for the stitching of conventionally printed products. Ninety-five percent of the products at DS Graphics continue to be conventional, commercial products that are offset printed. 

However, the innovative company already has new digital plans, and, in addition to the fully automatic production of the brochures by means of digital signature printing, a flat pile feeder and saddle stitcher, is contemplating a near-line solution using roll/roll.