Impressive Time Savings

A new Corona C15 from Muller Martini enabling 15 percent higher net output and 25 percent time saving per finished job has allowed the Oberndorfer Druckerei printing plant in Salzburg to take a giant leap forward.

The investment in the highly automated perfect binder from Muller Martini recouped the investment costs at the Circle Printers Group’s printing plant. The web offset printing plant that specializes in catalogs, magazines, booklets and advertisements now need less time for perfect binding, inserting, addressing, film wrapping, shrink wrapping and palletizing.In the first seven months of operation, the easily adjustable Corona C15, which is connected to two inserting systems, posted a net increase of almost 15 percent compared to the older version with two modular binders and three inserting lines. “And we think the machine has even more potential,” commented the Managing Director Joachim Kühn with satisfaction.

Oberndorfer Druckerei focuses on attractive jobs with value added. “Value added enables our customers to make their products more eye-catching, while we also increase our value creation,” explains Kühn.Accordingly complex are the print finishing requirements.That is why the Corona C15 with a 3697 gathering machine, which lends itself to higher production speeds thanks to its concave channel, as well as stream feeders, the Orbit three-knife trimmer, the CB 18 book stacker, two differently configured Sitma inserting machines and the corresponding foiling and addressing systems (both inkjet and paper labels) was the first choice.

While Oberndorfer Druckerei previously only produced offline, the new solution is a successful combination of inline and offline production methods. Not only is the net output impressive, but so is the quality of the end products. This is thanks in no small part to the Adhesive Monitoring System (AMS), which was installed in a Corona perfect binder for the first time at Oberndorfer Druckerei. The Adhesive Monitoring System developed by Muller Martini minimizes glue consumption and production waste in perfect binding. That allows cutting costs, without having to make any quality concessions.

Stream feeders for automatic signature infeed contribute greatly to the high net production of the new Corona C15 perfect binder.