Muller Martini at drupa: The Future Is Now

Using nine fully connected systems, Muller Martini will showcase the key topic of Finishing 4.0 live at its drupa booth A49 in Hall 2. Hundreds of copies of over 20 different (hybrid) print products will be produced to demonstrate the buzz words of smart automation, variable, customized production and touchless workflow.

The Primera MC saddle stitcher, the Alegro Digital perfect binder, the groundbreaking InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer and the Ventura MC Digital thread sewing machine are just some of the innovations that Muller Martini will unveil at its drupa booth.

  • Primera MC: The new Primera MC saddle stitcher, which will debut at drupa, enables extremely short processing times and, as a result, maximum profitability thanks to its innovative Motion Control Technology. It can be combined with a new vertical pile feeder and easily converted to the Primera MC Digital for the efficient processing of digitally printed products.
  • Alegro Digital: A new, advanced version of the proven Alegro perfect binder for digital printing will be presented at drupa. Thanks to its extended thickness variability, it is able to compensate automatically for block thickness deviations from book to book. The dynamic job change function enables the barcode-driven processing of different jobs within a size family in immediate succession, on the fly, and without the operator needing to intervene.
  • InfiniTrim: Muller Martini is premiering a new three-knife trimmer with a revolutionary drive, transport and trim concept at drupa. It comes into its own as the perfect inline companion to the new three-clamp Vareo perfect binder. The InfiniTrim impresses not only with its unit drive technology for all grippers and knives, enabling full size and thickness variability from book to book but also ensures the correct positioning and, thanks to SmartPress technology, the ideal pressing of every single product fully automatically.
  • Ventura MC 200: Thanks to its integrated servo concept, the Ventura MC 200, which is being showcased at the Muller Martini booth, provides the highest degree of automation on the thread sewing market. With its modular design, smart automation and consistent use of Motion Control Technology, the Ventura MC 200 not only provides high productivity for a diverse product range of short to long runs and the processing of digitally printed signatures, but is also the most flexible thread sewing machine available.
  • Ventura MC Digital: For drupa, an entirely new model – the Ventura MC Digital – has been added to the thread sewing machine range (consisting of the Ventura MC 160 and Ventura MC 200). It is coupled with a flat pile feeder, pocket folder/processing folder for products from digital sheet-fed or web printing presses (with a stack delivery unit) up to a signature size of B2 and a speed of up to 9,600 cycles per hour, and ensures impeccable stitching quality.
  • Diamant MC Digital: The Diamant MC Digital bookline enables the variable-size production of both straight and rounded books,with few or no manual interventions by the operator. The Diamant MC Digital is based on the modular system designed by Muller Martini, and boasts short processing times even in the case of variable-size production.

Finishing 4.0 stands for numerous innovative, intelligently combined industrial solutions for print finishing in both the digital and offset segments. All the business cases being showcased at the drupa booth are about producing customized and variable print products cost-effectively and efficiently using means of industrial production.

The complex products that will be produced at the Muller Martini booth using touchless workflow include, for example, a personalized educational book – a variable data printing job that will be produced using three different systems, from the roll to the finished book.

  • Thirteen personalized book blocks, each with a completely different page count, size, book thickness and content, will be produced in runs of one copy using the SigmaLine digital book production system, which now also allows for VDP production thanks to three new modules of the Connex process and data management system. Muller Martini, which is leading the way in technology for automated production workflows, will underline the fact that “PDF/VT (VT: Variable Transactional) in, personalized book out” now also applies to variable data.
  • Eight of the thirteen book blocks will then be perfect bound in sequence using the Vareo – it is the first perfect binder to have individual drive for all three clamps, making it a technological revolution.
  • Finally the three-sided trimming of books that vary in size and thickness from product to product will be performed using the InfiniTrim with its revolutionary drive, transport and trimming concept.