The World’s First Diamant MC Digital Book of One Bookline Goes to NBD Biblion in Holland


The Dutch bookbindery NBD Biblion, which specializes in the production of library books, will commission the world’s first Muller Martini Diamant MC Digital Book of One bookline in fall.The purchase contract was signed yesterday at drupa in Düsseldorf.

NBD Biblion, which is based in Zoetemeer and employs 225 people, produces some 2.5 million books for 900 libraries each year, with an average run size of 39 copies per title. To ensure improved durability for library users, it replaces the covers of softcover books with hardcovers. Currently, it uses a Diamant 60 for runs of over 50 copies and a system from another manufacturer for shorter runs. In the future, the Diamant MC Digital Book of One will cover its whole run range.

v.r.: Enno Smid (PM MMBenelux), Koos Schanssema-Damen (Buchbindereileiter NBD), Richard van der Voorn (Technikkoordiator NBD), Dirk Deceuninck (RL MM Nordeuropa), Jürgen Noll (GF MM Hartdecken-System)

Bookbindery Manager Koos Schanssema-Damen points out that the new features of the Diamant (in particular automated rounding and backing) optimally suit the company’s needs. “We’ll be able to reduce our changeover times considerably and speed up our production thanks to barcode-based control and a touchless workflow. That makes the new Diamant the perfect match for our product range.” The company’s products include on-demand books for publishing companies, printing plants and self publishers – a market that the NBD Bookbindery Manager believes is set to gain in importance in the coming years. “The new Diamant will allow us to tap into that market even further.”

NBD Biblion has been relying on Muller Martini solutions for more than a quarter of a century now. The company is also known for developing and building many systems itself to suit its specific production process. “Fifty percent of our machines were built by us and we also have our own logistics system to supply products to some 900 libraries,” says Koos Schanssema-Damen.