Perfect harmony for two


At Books on Demand GmbH in northern Germany, the inline Vareo/InfiniTrim duo ensures that printing and print finishing fulfills the highest standards even for print runs of one copy.

This is especially important for the books produced in Norderstedt near Hamburg as half of them have print runs of 1 to 9 copies. In addition to publishing companies, its customers include self-publishers that often experience uncertain market prospects. 34 digital printing presses ensure that deliveries take place within 12 hours. In its print finishing segment, BoD™ is the world’s first publishing services provider to rely on the three-clamp Vareo perfect binder and the brand-new Muller Martini InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer, which made its world premiere at drupa 2016.

The revolutionary InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer proved to be a major attraction at Muller Martini’s drupa booth.

For over 15 years, BoD™ has been considered  to be the experienced partner for book orders starting at just one copy both in, and for some time now, outside Germany. Its reputation is also a constant commitment. “For such complex production runs like ours, it is important to have the right solutions and an optimal workflow,” explains the CEO of Books on Demand Yogesh Torani.

Compared to its previous solution, Yogesh Torani views the increased output, improved quality of the end products and less backlog as its most fundamental advantages. The brand new InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer, which has a revolutionary drive, transport and trimming concept, is clearly superior to comparable machines in terms of net output and flexibility.

The fact that the inline duo works perfectly together also has to do with another partnership: BoD™ was instrumental in developing the Vareo and also worked closely with Müller Martini during the development phase of the InfiniTrim. Given its large market potential, it is therefore no surprise that BoD™ has plans to add a second Vareo/InfiniTrim duo in 2017.