A Well-Rounded Solution


Pollina in the town of Luçon in western France had already had positive experiences with Muller Martini solutions in the perfect binding segment. The company’s first Diamant MC 60 bookline is an equally “well-rounded” solution in the hardcover segment.

The company was impressed that the rounding of books is far more attractive than with the systems of other machine manufacturers. However, the fact that day-to-day work will be facilitated by quick changeovers also played a significant part in the investment decision. The convenient make-ready is of particular importance to Pollina because the company’s average job size has decreased from 12,000 to 7,000 copies per title within ten years. With frequent runs of around 1,000 copies, changeovers are a commercial factor of increased importance, even though total book production has increased by almost 30 percent during the same period.

The brothers Laurent, Paul-Alain and Stéphane Pollina together with Hervé Boucher (left), Sales Manager at Muller Martini France, in front of the new Diamant MC 60 bookline.

Laurent Pollina, president of the family business, which is run by three brothers, is confident that “the book market will remain stable”. Printed school textbooks, children’s books, art books, cookery books, catalogs, lexicons and dictionaries remain a growth market for the company owners, while the e-book competition in France is marginal. Thanks to its healthy order situation, Pollina, which was founded in 1968 and now employs 240 people, is optimistic about the future.

Muller Martini is also benefiting from the investment-friendly climate. Pollina, which has over ten large-size sheet-fed offset printing presses and two web printing presses, also commissioned its third Bolero perfect binder and two Muller Martini Ventura MC thread sewing machines, which are integrated to form a Connect system, at the same time as the Diamant MC 60.