First Primera MC saddle stitcher in Denmark

In order to strengthen their finishing abilities Kailow Graphic A/S in Rødovre near Copenhagen have invested in a new Müller Martini saddle stitching line Primera MC. This is the first Primera MC in Denmark. With a max. production speed of 14,000 cycles pr. hour, its innovative Motion Control technology and extremely short change-over times the Primera MC is perfect for small, medium-sized and larger circulations.
Klaus Kailow, production manager at Kailow Graphic A/S: ”After ordering the machine in March 2018, it was delivered and installed in May and has run production since June. We are extremely satisfied with the performance by Müller Martini Nordic, who have delivered and installed the stitching line in a professional way, from dismantling and removal of the old machines to test run of the new machine and instruction of our personnel.”

Brian Seeger, bookbinding manager at Kailow Graphic A/S: ”Already we experience that the Primera MC gives us greater flexibility in regard to the different circulations we have, and the machine is easy to operate. Change-overs to a new size and product are done extremely fast, which increases our competitiveness on the market.”
Müller Martini – your strong partner.

Müller Martini offers:
  • Saddle stitchers and book lines for small and large circulations with maximal productivity and  flexibility
  • Modular technology for bespoke solutions and automization fitting the current job structure and requirements 
  • Components for print finishing, inserting and attachment of cards and product samples.