A Second Bookline for Beijing Best Colour Printing


In order to optimize the production of smaller print runs, Beijing Best Colour Printing Co. Ltd. is installing a Kolbus-brand BF 513 bookline from Muller Martini at its headquarter in the Chinese capital this fall.

At its plant in Hebei province, the full-service graphic arts company has relied on a Kolbus BF 527 bookline for several years now. Ji Shaohua, the company’s founder and General Manager, explains the decision to purchase a BF 513: “The machine has fast setup times and it produces high-quality end products.”

Shaking hands on the new BF 513 (from left): Sven Olsen (Managing Director Muller Martini Region Asia Pacific), Ji Shaohua (General Manager Beijing Best Colour), Volker Leonhardt (member of corporate management at Muller Martini), David Chen (General Manager Muller Martini North China Region).

Fast make-ready is becoming increasingly important for Best Colour Printing, which specializes in children’s books and publications (especially for educational institutions and publishing companies), because of the growth of smaller print runs in recent years. While the company, which was founded in 2000 and has around 200 employees, produces hardcover books with print runs of up to 100,000 copies, according to Ji Shaohua, his customers are asking more and more often for short runs of 1,000 copies or fewer. “And the BF 513 is the ideal machine for this print run segment.”

This is because the BF 513 bookline reliably produces large print runs using conventional printing processes with quick processing times as well as small print runs with size changeovers that are printed digitally. Because the machine is so user friendly and is capable of a wide range of applications, it is the perfect entry-level solution for industrial hardcover production.

The BF 513 has a hand-operated barcode reader in the feed zone that can be used to access new orders from the title memory storage. The operator can “feed” subsequent orders into the title memory storage during production, thus reducing setup times.

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