Connex Info Cloud: Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

The production of magazines, brochures and books is becoming increasingly complex – especially in digital printing. That's why it's important to know which job is currently being produced where, how much has been produced and what the idle times, make-ready times or stop times are. Because the data evaluations are becoming increasingly complex, analyzing the jobs takes (valuable) time and (expensive) resources – a case for Connex Info Cloud from Muller Martini.

In the wake of Industry 4.0, Finishing 4.0 and Smart Factory, Smart Services are becoming increasingly important in the graphic arts industry. Customers and Muller Martini have been meeting for several years on the cloud-based Muller Martini customer portal MPOWER, which is provided free of charge with every new machine. With Connex Info Cloud, MPOWER contains a new module that makes it possible to produce print products even more (cost-)efficiently.

Connex Info Cloud, into which all Muller Martini and third-party systems can be integrated, is a tool for comprehensive production reporting and consists of three modules.
Thanks to Connex Info Cloud, production can be analyzed in a targeted manner, optimization potential for production can be identified and planning reliability can be increased. But this is only possible by means of reliable and automatically generated data. However, data evaluations are becoming more and more complex, so analyzing orders takes (valuable) time and (expensive) resources.
And that's where Connex Info Cloud comes in as an important element of Smart Services – with access to production data stored in the cloud via Internet access (using a PC, tablet or smartphone). It reduces costs and increases productivity. In a nutshell Connex Info Cloud, into which all Muller Martini and third-party systems can be integrated, is a tool for comprehensive production reporting that consists of three modules.
  • Module 1 – Dashboard: This module enables real-time evaluation of production data – information about the current job the machine status, production speed, job quantity and scrap quantity. A wide range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – such as average cycle rate, production performance and machine availability percentage – are displayed on tiles that can be freely configured, customized and clearly arranged according to size, position and ratio. The dashboard is customizable and able to display relevant data for each user.
  • Module 2 – Analytics: This module offers a targeted evaluation of the data according to individually configurable filter options and makes it possible to analyze the data in detail over a definable period of time and identify optimization opportunities. The time span can be freely selected and the selection of a machine, job or shift can be refined. From this, targeted measures can be derived to increase the production flow.
  • Module 3 – Reporting: This module provides accurate data on production with bar and pie charts. Reports on lines, time and jobs can be easily generated and filters can be used to create the desired reports.
Customizable to each customer, Connex Info Cloud is a modular system. You can install all three modules together or just one or two. Only those modules that are really needed have to be paid for.
Aveniq, a company belonging to the Muller Martini Group, hosts Connex Info Cloud in Switzerland. Customers can only access their own production data – the security and Muller Martini guarantees confidentiality of the data.

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