Connect Your Business with Finishing 4.0


At drupa 2020, Müller Martini will be offering new solutions and business cases related to the topic of connectivity under the slogan “Connect...” It will also offer exciting ideas and recommendations for the cost-effective production of high-volume products.

Based on the key concepts of automation, connectivity, variability and touchless workflow, Finishing 4.0 has successfully established itself and is now a reality in the smart factory. As a connectivity specialist, Müller Martini has shown how to implement this concept in practice in a number of customer areas that go well beyond print finishing. 

Connect to the Next Level
The smart factory is a major topic, especially for Müller Martini customers in the digital printing segment. Machines are no longer isolated production islands; instead, they exchange data with their environment. In this way, all processes work closely together, forming a seamless automated workflow from an incoming order through to its shipping. At the same time, individual machines now automatically recognize what they need to do. Changeover times will not only be reduced, but eliminated. Seamless production, from ultra-short runs to book-of-one runs, will provide customers with entirely new business models. 

Connect to Efficient Production
However, connectivity continues to move forward at traditional printing houses as well. The main concern here is to make production cost-effective again. Müller Martini is also assisting these customers on the path to digital transformation by providing them with individual application options using the Connex workflow system. In many cases, however, all that is needed is to replace an old machine with a new one that offers improved performance – or even to replace two older models with one new, highly automated machine that will nevertheless increase output. 

Connect to Smart Services
At drupa, Müller Martini will be focusing on its new Life Cycle Management program, which aims to clearly structure the service offering for an aging machine base. But service is becoming smarter as well. Müller Martini will be providing some impressive examples at drupa to demonstrate how its service technicians interact efficiently with customers thanks to the new services. 

“Connect...” is the drupa slogan
The strong focus on the topic of connectivity in the graphic arts industry and at Müller Martini is reflected in the new visual and in the drupa slogan “Connect...” This includes the networking of machines, the integration of Müller Martini machines in existing product systems and the use of data, and the live analysis of machine data via the Connex workflow system. And the drupa slogan extends beyond this to the importance of connectivity and cooperation within the industry and with customers. 

Get connected at drupa 2020 – with Müller Martini.

The topic of connectivity is highly present not only in the graphic arts industry but also at Müller Martini and is reflected in the company’s new visual presence.

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