Ventura MC Digital Thread Sewing Machine 
The Perfect Entry to Thread Sewing of Digitally Printed Products

Hardcover production is featuring an increasing number of short runs. Digitally printed books and booklets are also increasing in the area of thread sewing. Therefore, bookbinders need a machine that combines digital printing with tried and tested art of book binding. The Ventura MC Digital is the ideal solution. It stands out thanks to its proven Ventura MC technology with an upstream pocket folding system and processing folder. This is a new standard for the performance, flexibility and quality of the booklet!

Process reliability

The signatures are separated and folded by means of the proven components and know-how of Heidelberg. The Heidelberg folding unit is equipped with Tremat, the ultra-sound double sheet control, a divert gate and four automatic folding pockets.

Cross and length folding for maximum side output!

The four automatic pockets on the folding unit allow for a maximum page output when combined with the processing folder.

Production Flexibility

Touchless workflow allows for the automated production of books with different signature combinations.