Diamant MC Bookline
for the production of conventionally and digitally printed books

The Diamant MC for conventionally and digitally printed books produces at up to 60 cycles per minute. The motion control technology ensures shortest set-up times in combination with highest flexibility, quality and productivity. This enables you to produce a maximum variety of products with the Diamant MC. The modular platform also allows individual customer solutions and generates synergy effects due to high amount of common parts with the Diamant MC Digital. Therefore the conventional bookline always benefits from the further developments of the digital bookline. This results an enormous investment protection and makes the Diamant MC the most powerful bookline with the highest degree of automation on the market!

Reduced Setup Time

 – Thanks to the Central Control Unit with Connex Connection (Optional) and Motion Control Technology

The operator prepares the production on the clearly arranged Tele-Commander with touch screen, where he controls and monitors it. The optional connection to the Connex workflow system reduces the number of manual entries and thus the possibility of input errors. The concept of motion control technology with individual servo drives optimizes motion sequences.

Highest Level of Quality and Full Flexibility

With the Diamant MC, the book blocks are automatically aligned to the case. The variable thin book rubdown device ensures that the block spine fits parallel to the case center strip, even with the thinnest books. The loading table of the pressing and burning-in machine adjusts completely automatically - even when switching between books with straight and rounded spines.

Used around the World

Worldwide manufactured products on our Diamant MC hardcover productions: