Ventura MC 160 Thread Sewing Machine – The Perfect Introduction to Thread Sewing: Compact, Innovative, Efficient

Bookbinders dream of deep stitched book blocks and having each signature correctly positioned – with maximum efficiency. The Ventura MC 160 thread sewing machine makes this dream come true. The new 160 cycle thread sewing machine processes all standard sizes and fold types. It is clear and compact, yet it offers the numerous advantages of its very successful “big sister”, the Ventura MC 200, with the same design basis. The entry-level model is easy to operate and features the tried-and-tested Muller Martini stitching center, as well as many other features that usually only come with high-end machines. With its excellent price-performance ratio, it provides outstanding stitching quality.

Patented loop formation using blow air and an active thread cutting system

1. The punch needles make the holes in the signature from below.
2. Sewing needles pull the thread through every other hole
3. Air blast blows the thread as a loop into the slotted lever
4. The hook needle grabs the loop. Then the hook needle and sewing needle pull the thread up simultaneously, creating the thread chain.

The active thread divider system is not part of the basic equipment of any other entry-level model in the market. It guarantees that threads are trimmed between the individual book blocks without tension.

Wide Range of Sizes

Designed for the most common size and fold types, it can process signatures ranging from 120 to 425 mm in length and from 75 to 320 mm in width, and from four pages to 4 mm in thickness.

User friendly

Job changes can be performed quickly and conveniently thanks to the display on the touch-screen with the proven job and setup wizard from Muller Martini. Uniform icons make it easier for machine operators to get an overview of the whole machine. With its quick job changeover times, the Ventura MC 160 is suitable for both short runs and industrial three-shift operations.

Used around the World

Millions of print products are produced on our Ventura MC 160 every day. The Ventura MC 160 series is a success story and ensures satisfied customers and happy readers around the world.
Worldwide manufactured products on our Ventura MC 160 Book Sewing:


Production of Ultra-Short Runs

Digitally printed books and brochures are also increasing in the area of thread sewing. Therefore, bookbinders need a machine that combines digital printing with the tried and tested art of bookbinding. The Ventura MC Digital is the ideal solution. Find out more