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3697 Gathering Machine
The Racehorse of Gathering Machines

The 3697 gathering machine is used as a racehorse in the highest performance range in perfect binding. Thanks to its innovative signature separation function used to peel off signatures from the stack, the machine can offer new levels of output. It reaches high production speeds effortlessly in both offset and rotogravure printing.


Easy operation and perfect products

The machine reaches full power with just a few simple, short settings. A wide range of signature types can be processed in the standard feeder. Every requirement can be met thanks to the modular design, which allows for a range of feeder types.
The innovative signature separation with signature stabilization, the concave channel, and the high degree of automation considerably increase process reliability, enabling very quick gathering of book blocks. Extensive checks such as the patented book verification system, which automatically prevents any production with incorrectly set up signatures, ensure absolutely impeccable quality.

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