FA 650 Front Cutting Unit
For First-Class Gatefolded Brochures

The Kolbus FA 650 front cutting unit cuts gatefolded brochures with folded-in flaps at speeds of 4,000 to 8,000 cycles per hour. It can be used in production lines or as a standalone machine. The products are transferred in the machine horizontally and during infeed and delivery, with the product spine facing right. The front cutting unit can also be operated in straight-through mode.

Inline integration

For optimal production processes and to shorten production times, the FA 650 front cutting unit can be integrated in the perfect binding line upstream or downstream from the three-knife trimmer (without a bypass). The maximum speed in straight-through mode is 8,000 cycles per hour.
The front cutting unit can be set up to cut two products in one cycle. The book block is detected and started via a light barrier.