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HD 153.M Three-Knife Trimmer

The HD 153.M three-knife trimmer, with a capacity of up to 6,600 cycles per hour, is the perfect three-knife trimmer for use in fast perfect binding lines. It can be used as a standalone machine or in production lines in magazine and counting modes.

Superb Trim Quality

The three-knife trimmer has sophisticated mechanical systems and the latest electronics. You benefit from the shortest setup times because the machine is so easy to operate. The HD 153.M guarantees you the best product quality for three-sided trimming of book blocks and brochures. Data input and optional belt control occur directly in the three-knife trimmer.

Simple to operate

The HD 153.M is easy to operate and offers all the advantages of almost completely automated control thanks to the Copilot® system. The HD 153.M can be used in counting and magazine mode. The magazine height for the products can be set individually. The trimmed products are gently picked up by the clamp and placed on a conveyor belt.

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