Orbit Three-Knife Trimmer
Produce High Quality Products at Low Cost

With its robust and innovative technology and fully automated design, the strong Orbit three-knife trimmer lends itself perfectly to application in the high-performance segment. In addition to impeccable gathering, flawless binding and gentle conveying, the final cutting process is key to a perfect product.

Extremely powerful

The process steps on the Orbit three-knife trimmer have been optimized to ensure a high net output,
which eliminates unproductive downtimes. The shortest setup times and the ability to make fine adjustments on the fly guarantee significant outputs.

Extremely short setup times

The high degree of automation and simple operation result in extremely short changeover times. Thanks to its high productivity, even highly challenging jobs can be processed in time.

Decoupled cutting unit

The stand-alone blade drive ensures that the optimal trimming speed is used, regardless of the machine’s number of cycles, since the trimming speed is key to a high-quality product.

Excellent quality that pays off

For three-sided trims, constant trim conditions are key to consistently high product quality. This was the motivation behind developing the SmartPress Technology. The pressing pad controlled via servo provides for a defined speed profile. First, the air is gently pressed out of the trimmed material before the final forming pressure is applied. This enables consistently excellent trim quality and first-class products.

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