0457 bundle blocking unit

To ensure secure transport, the 0457 bundle blocking unit attaches product stacks electrostatically through controlled charging and pressing. This makes it possible to forgo the use of a strapping machine in many cases, thus eliminating costs for strapping materials. The 0457 bundle blocking unit is designed for a wide range of sizes and can also process products in two-up or three-up production.

High pressure force

A pneumatic cylinder with a sturdy design and robust construction ensures a high pressure force at all times. Before blocking, bundles are stopped precisely and aligned gently. Key bundles, for example, can be ionized on-the-fly.

Operable from both sides

All settings, including ionization, are controlled via an operating panel that can be operated from both sides of the machine. Thanks to the automatic size setting for size changes available with the Amrys, data can be taken directly from the saddle stitcher or perfect binder.

Intelligent control

The control system enables incredibly short cycle times. The return path of the pressing pad can, for instance, be shortened in line with the maximum bundle height expected. With variable bundle heights, the return movement
of the pressing pad is controlled so that it only moves to the required height of the individual bundle