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When I was a boy, I wanted to be a racing driver

Switzerland, as it was when I was young, was the wrong country for my dream job, so I became a machine mechanic. And that only happened by chance because they weren't actually expecting me at Muller Martini, but my best friend Urs. Now, 47 years later at 63, I am more than happy and satisfied in early retirement. 


Successful Muller Martini Presentation at the Printing United Expo in Dallas

The latest Finishing 4.0 solutions presented by Muller Martini at the Printing United Expo at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas (USA) attracted substantial interest from a large number of visitors to the trade fair.


We are consciously conveying a sign of strength

Implementation of new ideas, faster setup, high end product quality in all print runs, quieter production – when the Acoro A7 perfect binder is retired at bookbindery An der Reuss in Lucerne in a couple of weeks and is replaced with an Alegro A7 the traditional Swiss company will be able to play several trump cards.


Well-positioned for life on the ground and ready for take off soon

When I was born in 2001, my father was just starting his new job at Muller Martini. Today, at the age of 53, he still enjoys the versatility of his profession as a hardware designer, while, at the age of 18, I am a business administration apprentice who is responsible for the Muller Martini website and I am dreaming of becoming a pilot. 


Even machines built for eternity need periodic servicing

Under the MMServices.Print label, Muller Martini offers a wide range of services for web offset printing presses – from control retrofits to ink zone control, printing inserts, machine relocations, maintenance, delivery of original spare parts through to training.


More Value for the Book

No two books are the same when you take a look at a bookshop shelf. Print finishers get the print product into shape in a variety of ways.