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Printed Superheroes

We all experience days in our life that we don't forget. For me, this includes the day when my grandfather caught me reading a comic. He couldn't understand why people would spend their pocket money on what he called a “trash book”.


PI 2214 A Duo Causes an Uproar at Bonacia

Bonacia im englischen Peterborough stellte sich Fragen zur buchbinderischen Zukunft und fand die ideale Antwort im Inline-Duo Vareo/InfiniTrim.


Notebooks – the ultimate analog gadgets

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are an expression of our mobile society. Always charged and handy – and despite all this, hordes of people march into meeting rooms with conventional notebooks, take them with them on trips and record their spontaneous ideas in them.


Berlin’s Mayor Tests a Pantera Perfect Binder...

With an open house event attended by a large number of guests, including Berlin’s current mayor, Michael Müller, longtime Muller Martini customer PieReg Druckcenter Berlin GmbH, located in the German capital, officially celebrated the opening of its new production facility.


More capacity at Clays: new Alegro perfect binder and new BF 530 bookline

The British printing plant Clays is adding an Alegro perfect binder and a Kolbus BF 530 bookline to its machine line-up, which already features 13 machines from Muller Martini. 


Control Update: Plan Ahead to Avoid Long Downtimes

As spare parts for the control system are no longer available for some older machines, it is advisable to replace them in good time. The timely replacement of the control system – and, if necessary, the control terminal and frequency converter – reduces the downtime to a predictable one to three days.

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