We believe in the graphic arts industry and contribute to its innovative strength

As the market changes, the industry adapts to the media competition. The interlinking of different media channels opens up interesting opportunities. Print maintains a good position in the media mix, since it provides the advantages of trustworthy content, proven media and distribution channels, and the faithful transmission of market messages.
The feel of printed matter and freedom of the reader in terms of time, space and location make print unique. At the same time, print products are becoming the main point of departure for breathtaking, multimedia communications experiences, offering direction in the digital information overload.
Consistent alignment with market needs and regular business model adjustment are the keys to success for our customers. We actively support you with our developments:


  • Flexible and expandable thanks to modular system architecture
  • Innovative thanks to developments for growth markets
  • Smart thanks to automation and digital workflow management
  • Growth opportunities with “digital-ready” systems
  • Cost-effective thanks to machine construction for maximum uptime
  • Sustainable thanks to a comprehensive service portfolio


Finishing 4.0

Muller Martini’s Finishing 4.0 philosophy shows that it is possible to produce customized and variable print products cost-effectively and efficiently using means of mass production. 


Strategy and sustainability

Environmental concerns are important to us at Muller Martini.