Granit Three-Knife Trimmer
First-Class Results with SmartPress Technology

The Granit three-knife trimmer puts the finishing touches to perfect-bound products and ensures high product quality thanks to its cutting-edge technology. Using innovative SmartPress technology, it enables extremely cost-effective production for a wide range of applications.

Extremely short setup times

The three-knife trimmer is fully automated from infeed to delivery, enabling extremely short job changeover times. Fine adjustments can be made on the central screen of the perfect binder owing to the high degree of networking.

Versatile uses

The Granit, which can also be used as a stand-alone machine, enables highly cost-effective production in a range of softcover and hardcover lines.

Always available

Thanks to its servo-controlled axles and sturdy one-piece machine design, the Granit boasts high availability and low maintenance costs.

Quality that pays off

Constant trim conditions are key to consistently high product quality,
With its innovative SmartPress technology, the three-knife trimmer provides for consistently excellent trim quality, which translates to first-class products.