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14.02.2024 / Michael Widmer

How CEO Bruno Müller Personally Brought Michael Widmer on Board as a Software Engineer

Michael Widmer has been working as a software engineer at Muller Martini since last June. CEO Bruno Müller personally recruited the 26-year-old, who plays (beach-)volleyball and is a pistol shooter in his spare time, to Muller Martini after he graduated from Horw University of Applied Sciences. Michael Widmer explains how this came about in this blog.
To put it bluntly, I was born into my professional career. My father, who is now retired, worked for 24 years as a machine engineer at the machine manufacturer Hunkeler in Wikon, where I also grew up. It was therefore clear to me as a child that I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps and learn a similar profession. Technology, especially the combination of pneumatics and automation, fascinated me from a young age. So I built my own robot at home from a Lego kit.
Automation technician was the clear favorite
Technical professions were at the top of my list of priorities after I took part in a robotics project week at Muller Martini during my school days. There, too, I worked with another pupil to make a robot work, which totally fascinated me. The only thing I didn't know was which apprenticeship I wanted to do after leaving school.
I also looked at polymechanic and design engineering, but it quickly became clear: automation technician was the clear favorite. I successfully completed the apprenticeship at a company in the region after four years with a vocational baccalaureate. I then worked for a year and completed recruit school.
With four colleagues at the university of applied sciences
In September 2019, I began my full-time studies in electrical engineering with a specialization in IT at the University of Applied Sciences in Horw in the canton of Lucerne. I became enthusiastic about it not least after a super-cool career day at the UAS Horw, which I attended together with four colleagues from my vocational baccalaureate class. Like me, they went on to study electrical engineering in Horw. The fact that we were a group of five proved to be a great advantage.
On the one hand, it made it easier for us to start our studies during the coronavirus pandemic because we were able to exchange ideas and motivate each other during what was not an easy time. On the other hand, we often studied together during the three and a half years until we successfully completed our studies and also did a lot together.
A groundbreaking meeting at the Hunkeler Innovationdays
How I ended up at Muller Martini is an original story. I had been attending the Hunkeler Innovationdays (https://www.innovationdays.com/) in Lucerne with my father for years – including in February 2023. We met CEO Bruno Müller at the Muller Martini stand. He had completed his apprenticeship at Maschinenfabrik Reiden, where my father had worked as a design engineer before his time at Hunkeler. Bruno Müller and I got talking and I told him that I had just finished my degree in electrical engineering.
He then invited me to Zofingen with the words "Muller Martini can always use good people" – there would certainly be a suitable job for me. A few days later, Roger Stammbach, Head of the FSC (Softcover Technology) department, gave me a tour of the plant in Zofingen. I was impressed in three ways: firstly by the company, secondly by the field of activity, which corresponded to my professional and academic training, and thirdly by Roger Stammbach's friendliness.
The perfect on-boarding process
I then applied to Muller Martini as a software developer and was invited to interviews – specifically with other software developers – as well as to another intensive tour of the company. The handshake took place on the same day, the employment contract was signed a week later and I had my first day of work at Muller Martini on June 12, 2023.
I was very well received in the FSC department. I work in a team of three and was given the ideal company mentor in Stefan Schäfer, who made it easier for me to get started. I have only positive memories of the on-boarding process. Thanks to the introductory technology program with testing/assembly/service/documentation, which was specially tailored to me, I quickly got a comprehensive overview of the entire company – I couldn't have got to grips with it any better.
A varied job
I felt welcome at Muller Martini from day one and immediately accepted as a newcomer. I like the good working atmosphere, the special spirit of the family business with the first name based culture among all employees and the excellent teamwork.
I am currently working in a team of three on the further development of the Alegro perfect binder. The software is to be rewritten from scratch. My job and that of my colleagues is to get it up and running. The primary goal is always to make the machine customer-friendly to operate – a major challenge.
From the outside, my job may seem a little boring. But the opposite is true: my job is extremely varied. Naturally, I spend most of my time working on the computer. But I also regularly take part in meetings where we discuss the status of the work. After all, it is impossible to manage such a large project on your own. When the prototype is set up one day, I will also be working directly on the machine in the testing department. I'm already looking forward to that.
"Take a good look at the Alegro"
Getting a system up and running at the touch of a button is a cool thing – especially as softcover lines with a gathering machine, binder, three-knife trimmer and book stacker are complex systems. That's why I completed an operator course. I met a colleague from the "perfect binder Mecca" Felben, and he advised me to take a good look at the Alegro.
Because I like my job as a software engineer so much, I see my long-term professional future at Muller Martini. That's why I took an apartment very close to the company. At just under 400 meters, I have the shortest commute of all Muller Martini employees. It can stay that way for a few more years...
If you would also like to start your career at Muller Martini, I can only recommend it. Just check out our career portal Shape the Future – we are particularly looking for qualified software developers!
Michael Widmer
Software Engineer Muller Martini
14.02.2024 Michael Widmer Software Engineer