19.09.2023 / Herbert Wicki

Quality From Our Own Manufacturing Plant

Around 2000 tons of sheet metal made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum are processed annually at Muller Martini Maschinen & Anlagen AG in Hasle, Switzerland. The company is the main supplier of formwork, structures and assemblies for the Muller Martini systems that are built in Zofingen and Rahden. Managing Director Herbert Wicki reports on the close cooperation between the sister companies.
Imagine you need a special spare part and it is not immediately available in the warehouse of the Muller Martini spare parts service center in Zofingen. If it's a sheet metal or milled part, then the phone will ring at our Hasle location shortly afterwards. Our express specialists deal with the request immediately and follow the production of the required part very closely. After quality control, the part is even personally taken to the shipping company so that it arrives at the desired location as quickly as possible.
In daily contact
Our express production is also used when something has to be quickly rebuilt on a machine in Zofingen or Rahden. It is very important for us to optimize the part design with our customers so that the ambitious targets for manufacturing costs can be achieved. So, as you can see, we are in daily contact with our colleagues at our sister companies. This customer focus is part of our DNA. We do our part to ensure that saddle stitchers, perfect binders, book lines and all other machines from the extensive Muller Martini portfolio reach you in first-class quality.
Our company in the beautiful Entlebuch in central Switzerland – the region is incidentally certified as a UNESCO Biosphere – is one of the largest and most modern suppliers of mechanical engineering components and assemblies in Switzerland. The components are manufactured using state-of-the-art production technologies. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we are constantly investing in new machines and improving our manufacturing processes.
Modern manufacturing
Only recently we have put a new welding robot into operation. It is a so-called cobot, which is taught by the operator and can then produce small batch sizes automatically and in first-class quality. A new machining/milling production cell with four machines is also currently being commissioned. As we are confronted with the fact that production batches are becoming increasingly smaller, we are investing in systems that minimize the setup effort. The situation is somewhat similar to that in the graphic arts industry, as you are very familiar with the problem of ever shorter runs and orders at shorter notice.

Sheet metal working
Our main pillar in Hasle is sheet metal processing. Here we operate the complete production chain from laser cutting and punching, folding, welding to powder coating. We can offer our customers virtually everything in-house. The processing of chrome steel and aluminum is separated locally in order to meet the high requirements regarding corrosion protection.
In sheet metal processing, in addition to individual components, we also manufacture welded constructions, such as machine stands, housings, electrical and complete machine casings, for example for the perfect binders and saddle stitchers from Muller Martini. In addition to Muller Martini, we also work for customers from a wide range of industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering or aircraft construction.
Cubic machining
Cubic machining at Muller Martini is characterized by a wide range of machinery that offers us maximum flexibility. In addition to automated 5-axis machining centers, on which we can produce highly complex and very precise milled parts in a single clamping, we operate other machines that are suitable for simpler components or for the complete machining of sheet metal parts. Since we perform these operations in-house, we can offer our customers an attractive package from a single source. We attach great importance to impeccable quality. In our measuring room, components can be measured to an accuracy of 1/100 of a millimeter and a measurement report can be generated automatically. In addition to steel, stainless steel, aluminum or non-ferrous metals, we also process raw material made of cast iron.
Assembly of subassemblies
What you also need to know: If you have a streamfeeder in use on a saddle stitcher or perfect binder, it was assembled in our factory. We assemble everything from small modules to complex systems in our assembly department according to our customers' specifications. If necessary, even with a functional test. The goal is for the customer to be able to install the fully assembled subassembly directly into his machine or deliver it to his end customer. However, we do not just screw or rivet. We also have the know-how to bond components. Here, specific adhesives are used that are matched to the requirements of the joint. High quality standards are always the be-all and end-all.
Great know-how
Our approximately 140 employees are highly experienced, have extensive specialist knowledge and are always up to date with the latest technology. We actively support them with further training. This is done either in-house with specialists who carry out the training courses. Or with external in-service training, such as training as an HF technician, which enables an employee to take on additional areas of responsibility. To ensure that we have enough skilled workers in the future, we train apprentices in the professions of polymechanics, plant and equipment engineers, and logistics specialists.
Engineering for third-party customers
While Muller Martini itself operates large engineering departments in Zofingen and Rahden, we also offer engineering services for our customers in the third-party market. From the idea to the prototype to the finished product, we work with the customer to find suitable design and manufacturing solutions.
Just-in-time deliveries
In recent years, our business has increasingly developed into logistics services. We have a high-bay warehouse where we can store pre-produced assemblies so that we can react very flexibly and quickly when our customers need them. Supply chain solutions are now one of our trademarks. For Muller Martini, for example, we put together sets so that the necessary parts for a machine are delivered together to the assembly workstation in Zofingen or Rahden. We specialize in just-in-time deliveries of this kind.
Laserblue from own painting
Finally, I'll tell you where the brilliant laserblue of the Muller Martini machines comes from: It is painted on our powder coating line in Hasle! We are proud of this modern facility with immersion bath pretreatment, because it not only produces brilliant colors – our customers are particularly pleased with the outstanding coating quality.
At Muller Martini, we place very high value on high environmental protection standards – our location in the Unesco Biosphere additionally obligates us to do so. The powder coating plant is completely wastewater-free, because the water used is always recycled and reused. We can actually fulfill any color request and also offer all 2166 different shades from the RAL and NCS color system, the 150 most used ones are even available from stock at any time. So you see, we can not only laserblue...
If you would like to know more about our services, please visit our website mullermartini-manufacturing.ch.
Best regards,
Herbert Wicki
Managing Director Muller Martini Maschinen & Anlagen AG
19.09.2023 Herbert Wicki Managing Director Muller Martini Maschinen & Anlagen AG