When Top-Quality Services Sell New Machines


Tisk Centrum was so impressed by Muller Martini’s services that the Czech company decided to purchase two new machines.

As the saying goes, the sales team sells the first machine, but it's after-sales services that sell the second. At Tisk Centrum it was the other way round. The full-service company in Moravany u Brna near Brno commissioned two secondhand Muller Martini machines: a Prima saddle stitcher in 2012 and a stand-alone 1571 gathering machine with criss-cross delivery one year later.Tisk Centrum was so impressed with Muller Martini’s services that it invested in a Pantera perfect binder and a Ventura MC 160 thread sewing machine in 2015.

Company owner Jaroslav Hradil (left): “Today there’s demand for print products that have added value." Right: Lubos Kunze, Managing Director of Muller Martini Czech Republic.

“Today there’s demand for print products that have added value, are made from special materials and are long-lasting,” says Jaroslav Hradil, one of Tisk Centrum’s two founders. Thread sewing has become an important string in Tisk Centrum’s bow since the company, which employs 50 people, is increasingly focused on high-quality print products, such as exhibition catalogs.

The entry-level Ventura MC 160, which was installed and ready to commence production within one day, is the perfect match for Tisk Centrum’s job structure. However, its design and ergonomics also played a key role in the innovative company’s decision to invest in the new thread sewing machine.