Smart Interfaces between Print and Digital Media


Ideeo has ideas – the Mexican company uses the Presto II Digital saddle stitcher to connect print and digital media.

The Ideeo printing company in Mexico City brings multi-sensory and multi-channel communications together. That provides consumers with unique communication experiences. One product, for instance, seems at first glance to be a standard annual bill from an energy supplier. Upon scanning the QR code on the invoice, an augmented reality app is launched and a friendly lady explains the various items on the invoice to the recipient. In other words, the Presto II Digital is paving the way for printed, personalized information.

A tool that enables detailed tracking of the app's use in real time, providing insight into how, when and where it is used, reveals the real added value of the app to Ideeo’s customers. “That allows the customer to calculate the return on marketing investment exactly,” says Ideeo CEO Juan S. Estrada Hernández.

Hybrid production created new print finishing requirements at Ideeo. The Muller Martini Presto II Digital saddle stitcher provides the company with a solution that supports the connectivity of industrial products with innovative services in all respects. The integrated barcode scanner of the Presto II Digital, for instance, ensures that personalized and customized products are complete. “Our new saddle stitcher has fully met our expectations in terms of flexibility, reliability and efficiency,” says the CEO in summary.

Ideeo CEO Juan S. Estrada Hernández (second from the right): “The Presto II Digital saddle stitcher has fully met our expectations.”