When Only Complete Solutions Will Do


Allied Printing needs complete solutions for its sophisticated processes. Two Muller Martini Primera saddle stitchers are central to that.

The family-run business in the US state of Connecticut specializes in complex products. Its targeted print materials often consist of parts from three different printing sources. The two Primera saddle stitchers play a key part in an intelligent workflow. The Asir 3 system, for instance, ensures that the signatures, which feature barcodes, are in the correct sequence and that the stitched products are complete.

Allied CEO John G. Sommers Jr. (center): “We’ve acquired new customers thanks to the two Primera machines.” Right: Chris Gouveia from Allied. Left: Frank Donnelley from Muller Martini North America.

“The market has become much more sophisticated and data-based,” says John G. Sommers Jr., Allied CEO and President. For instance, content signatures printed using web offset, covers printed using sheet-fed offset, digitally printed four-page signatures and affixed personalized coupons, whose address corresponds to the address printed on the back cover, are combined. Such processes call “not only for machines, but complete solutions," says John G. Sommers. Allied opted for a solution from Muller Martini, the manufacturer with the most innovative technology.

The two Primera machines, each with eight flat pile feeders and a cover feeder, can come into their own on the East Coast of the USA. Short job changeovers, a wide product range and high production speeds are needed when mailshots, catalogs, periodicals and other commercial products are regularly produced in run sizes of over a million copies. “The Primera is an all-rounder for all run sizes and gives us much greater versatility,” says John G. Sommers Jr.