Successful Live Demo of the Primera PRO at Heidelberg Innovation Week

Over the course of two days, Muller Martini presented the benefits of the new Primera PRO saddle stitcher to a large audience at the new Heidelberg Print Media Center in Wiesloch-Walldorf as part of Heidelberg Innovation Week.

On the first day, Peter Lehmann, Sales Manager Muller Martini Switzerland, accompanied international customers through the event, which was held under the motto "Always a step ahead". 24 hours later, Frank Skorna, Area Sales Manager Muller Martini Germany, dedicated himself to German-speaking customers, while Pascal Ruch, Product Manager Saddle Stitching and Head of Print Finishing Center Muller Martini, led through the live demo.

"The fact that we were able to present the Primera PRO in a complete production line and thus underline the great importance of finishing met with great interest from the numerous specialists," says Frank Skorna, drawing an all-round positive balance of the event, which was successful in every respect and had the character of a "mini-drupa" for him. 

Peter Lehmann also received positive feedback from his group without exception: "The Primera PRO ran flawlessly and without a single stopper – and this at full speed including a seamless changeover from A4 to A5 products. Customers were visibly impressed."

The live demo of the new Primera PRO saddle stitcher met with great interest from the public at Heidelberg Innovation Week.

The Primera PRO – as the only laserblue machine in the entire showroom – has been in operation at the Heidelberg Print Media Center since the summer. This is a win-win situation for the two global market leaders Heidelberg and Muller Martini, who are linked by a partnership. Heidelberg can demonstrate end-to-end applications, including postpress, to its customers. Muller Martini, in turn, can address an even wider circle of interested parties and thus expand its customer base with its extensive and therefore even more interesting saddle stitcher line – cover feeder, four flat pile feeders, two vertical feeders, SEMKO, 0504 three-knife trimmer with center cut, Perfetto compensating stacker with Amrys.

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