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At Westermann Druck GmbH, the new Publica PRO15 perfect binder runs around the clock

Because it was getting on in years, Westermann Druck GmbH in Braunschweig replaced its Corona C15 perfect binder with a Publica PRO15 – with impressive results in terms of make-ready, performance and the ability to plan production.
Make-ready time reduced by 50 percent, productivity increased by 30 percent – Lars Hansen is full of praise when he talks about the perfect binder change from an aging Corona C15 to a new Publica PRO15. "Whereby," the Westermann managing director adds, "with the 30 percent increase in performance, you also have to take into account that we are producing significantly more jobs per shift these days as a result of decreasing run lengths – a truly amazing increase in performance."
Learn in this video, which advantages the new Publica PRO15 perfect binder from Westermann Druck GmbH brings to daily production.
"All performance commitments have been met"
Indeed, the range of softcover books bound on the Publica PRO15 is wide. It ranges from 200 to 200,000 copies per title. It is not uncommon for large runs to be briefly interrupted to fit smaller jobs in between. "For our wide range of products, the new perfect binder is the ideal solution thanks to its short make-ready times, high level of automation, user-friendliness and ability to achieve a high production speed quickly the ideal solution," underlines Lars Hansen.
"All the performance promises that Muller Martini had given us before the installation were fulfilled. And the service – we have an MMSupport and annual maintenance contract with Muller Martini – also meets our expectations. We would choose the Publica PRO15 again at any time."
Non-stop operation
In parallel with the 24/7/365 mode of the 280-employee full-service company, which offers sheetfed offset, heatset and digital printing, the Publica PRO15 also runs around the clock. Textbooks, teaching aids and teaching materials (exclusively offset printed) from the company's own publishing house account for a considerable share.
Half of the company's sales are generated by Westermann Druck GmbH, which was founded in Braunschweig in 1845 as a printing plant for the publishing bookshop George Westermann, with a wide range of perfect-bound (30 percent of the sales volume), saddle-stitched (50 percent) and hardcover (20 percent) products for a wide variety of customers, mainly in Germany but also in several European countries. Production takes place on Muller Martini and Kolbus machines.
These include publishers as well as retailers, agencies and cities. For many of them, Westermann Druck and its sister company Westermann Druck Zwickau act as general contractors from typesetting to delivery. Both print shops are part of the Westermann Group, which has developed from the publishing bookshop George Westermann into a leading educational media provider in Germany.
Production became more predictable
Although – not least because of the rise in paper prices – advertising supplements are declining, city magazines are being discontinued and the periodicity of magazines is being reduced, Westermann has recently seen an increase in customers – especially in the short-run sector, where the Publica PRO15 plays its plus points particularly well compared to the Corona C15, according to Lars Hansen. "We are a healthy company, well positioned and definitely in the market for a long time to come."
In addition to the advantages of the new 17-station ZU 842.C gathering machine (keyword suction belt!), the fast make-ready time (keyword consistent operating concept), the networking of the individual system components (keyword Orbit three-knife trimmer, electrostatic interlocking, CB18 book counter stacker), and the stable and, above all, smooth running of the entire line, the Managing Director also particularly emphasizes the fast training of employees. "All of this makes our production much easier to plan."
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