Alegro Digital
for Customized Perfect Binding

The Alegro Digital perfect binder can be used for the perfect binding of digitally and conventionally printed products and for hybrid production. The Motion Control Technology comes into its own in the Alegro Digital and enables the precise setting of the various units to the product parameters from book to book.


Without operator intervention

By constantly improving production in inkjet digital printing, the Alegro perfect binder is increasingly implemented in this area. Thanks to full automation and the fact that it is complete networked, the Alegro perfect binder is ideally equipped for the job. Alegro Digital automatically compensates for the varying thickness of the products. The machine adjusts dynamically via barcode even when changing the job - without any operator intervention.

Unbeatable changeover times

Thanks to its high degree of automation, the Alegro Digital stands out with short setup times and the desired high level of production in record time. All stations are driven directly and controlled individually with Motion Control. The settings impact directly and accurately on the products to guarantee outstanding book quality.

Versatile binding methods

The Alegro can be used for all conventional binding methods. One-shot hotmelt, two-shot hotmelt, cold emulsion, combined binding methods and PUR are all possible.