InfiniTrim Three-Knife Trimmer
Offers Variable Sizes and Is Highly Efficient

The InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer automatically trims short and ultra-short print runs down to one copy for all book sizes and thickness. This revolutionary concept does not require a manual operator for a variety of production variations, thus guaranteeing an extremely high level of efficiency. With its unique trimming concept, the InfiniTrim can operate both as a hand-fed, stand-alone machine and in inline mode.

Processing of variable sizes without manual intervention by the operator

On the InfiniTrim, size changeovers during ongoing production no longer call for manual intervention. It does not require any additional cutting tables or pressing pads, which removes the need for externally produced interchangeable parts. The books are automatically precisely aligned using a cross carrier table and infeed wheel. And the size data are also imported automatically via barcode.

Unit drive technology implemented without compromise

The InfiniTrim stands out with its unit drive technology for all grippers and knives, which enables full format and thickness variability from book to book. At the same time, it also fully automatically ensures the correct positioning and the ideal pressing of every single product.

Perfect trim quality

Nearly the full surface of the products are held in place during the trim. This effectively prevents the products from billowing. Thanks to the proven and patented SmartPress technology of Muller Martini, the books can be pressed directly in the cutting area where they can be trimmed and, depending on the previously measured product thickness, even for customized print jobs. This procedure ensures a uniquely perfect trim quality, regardless of whether a thick book directly follows a thin one. Large trim widths are possible through the vertical cutting position and the shreds are always cleanly removed.
Trims can be individually eliminated without the need for changeovers, e.g. no front trimming for brochures with flaps or no trimming at all during the transport of a book through the machine.