Uno Book Stacker
Compensating Stacker for Perfect Bound Products

The Uno counter stacker reliably stacks perfect bound products in the low to medium performance range. It processes newspapers, brochures and paperback books neatly into diagonally positioned stacks, making them easier to strap and film wrap.


Gentle Product Processing

The products are guided individually by upper and lower belts, which ensures that they are conveyed gently and securely. They are then lowered in a controlled manner by a fork system.

Perfect stack quality

A photocell reliably counts each of the incoming products. The machine creates flawless cross-stacked stacks for easier strapping and film wrapping.

Simple Setup

The panel can be operated from both sides of the machine. The controller monitors the machine processes. Size changes can be performed without tools, which reduces setup times.

Flexible use

The stacker can be adapted to meet varying needs in the production of perfect-bound products. It is used downstream of the three-knife trimmer or within the conveyor section.